Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith joins Glenn Beck to express concerns about David Leavitt.



  • Leavitt accuses an alleged victim of lying and just being “tragically mentally ill”.
  • Says claims are false, outlandish and crazy.
  • Says that there was never a serious investigation into claims
  • Says that other individuals who were mentioned were never interviewed
  • He says that he learned just the night before that he and these others were mentioned and accused
  • He says that he has never investigated the case, he hasn’t even seen the case file.
  • He says that the accused therapist is someone that he knew but that he hasn’t had contact with, directly or indirectly, in over a decade. Yet, he somehow also knew that this accused individual had very recently taken steps to expunge his arrest record.
  • He seems know a whole lot of information for someone who has never seen this case file and who claims to have found out most of this information just hours before speaking about it. For someone who knows nothing, he speaks like he knows everything.
  • He explains that he testified as a witness in a divorce proceeding involving this accused individual and his wife, who filed for divorce because, as he says….”his wife learned…………whatever he was doing”.
  • He also said he did it to “PROTECT” this man’s children (the tragically mentally ill) from their father. He makes it a point to explain that the accused individual’s church excommunicated him for the things he was doing.
  • Was he doing something, did this wife and these children need protecting, or was this is all made up by a crazy and tragically mentally ill person?
  • Mr. Leavitt is the same person who formed a “Conviction Integrity Unit” to review past convictions and see whether to investigate if those convicted were actually innocent  surely he wouldn’t just be focused on finding innocence, he’d also be interested in new facts that might also prove guilt from prior cases right?
  • He wouldn’t just ignore recent allegations and possible new victims coming forward because he was TOLD the prior investigation was conclusive would he?
  • And what about that testimony he gave in the referenced divorce proceeding? Did he “PROTECT” this woman and her children from this individual? Because if none of these allegations are true, then what did he say as this witness during the divorce proceedings? Did he give false statements against the man to protect people from him who didn’t actually need protecting?
  • This press conference has created far more questions than answers. One thing is clear, he is certainly trying to make this go away. His actions are tragically….bizarre.
Curtis Larson
Curtis Larson2

Ethically Challenged

Utah prosecutor committed ethics violations in homicide case, judge rules

PROVO, Utah — A judge found that Utah County Attorney David Leavitt made an ethics violation in a double-homicide case, but nothing is going to change…

Utah County attorney sanctioned in double murder case

A judge has sanctioned Utah County Attorney David Leavitt and disqualified him from participating in the case against Jerrod Baum…


FOX 13 Investigates: Utah County Attorney accused of urging staff to drop charges against his handyman

The FOX 13 Investigative team has spoken with more than a half-dozen past and present members of the Utah County Attorney’s Office who are “deeply concerned” with what they describe as unethical behavior by their boss…

Leavitt asked Bastian to “get rid” of the case because Allen was acquaintances and friends with Leavitt’s brother, the lawsuit claims. The plaintiff, a woman Allen formerly dated, confronted Leavitt about the case and recorded it…

Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, a phone call took place between Leavitt and the deputy on scene.

“Mr. Leavitt asked him, or was pleading with him, not to impound the car. He wasn’t telling him what to do, he was just asking him not to,” said Utah County Sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon…

Criticism from the Utah legal community is mounting against Utah County Attorney David Leavitt after he admitted to dismissing criminal charges against a campaign donor who served an LDS mission with his brother…

“Several times, Mr. Leavitt named himself and mentioned cannibalism and murder. This investigation is about child sex abuse,” Smith said. “I take exception to any victim coming forward and being categorized as ‘tragically mentally ill’. How dare you. These are victims of crimes who have mustered the courage to come forward and this is what you call them? Mentally ill. How dare you.”…

It’s important to point out that police reports 2News obtained in Bluth’s case mirror the allegations of ritualistic sexual abuse of children in painstaking detail that triggered the Utah County sheriff’s investigation.

The Attorney General’s Office has filed an objection to the expungement request, saying, “The petitioner is currently the subject of an on-going criminal investigation by four law enforcement agencies into the same conduct which was the basis of the 1999 arrest.”

Soft on Crime

“Refusal to prioritize the safety of stalking victims is a breach of public trust and a fundamental failure for one holding public office,”…

Young, Curtis Larson, Sherry Ragan, Lance Bastian, Mariane O’Bryant, and Lauren Hunt wrote that they were united in presenting this public declaration of no confidence in David Leavitt’s “capability and competence to perform his constitutional and statutory duties as the lead criminal prosecutor in Utah County.”

“It’s an absolute standstill of justice, walk away from what he’s supposed to do, he’s turned his back on that office,”…

“We declare that Mr. Leavitt has vacated his responsibilities to provide you safety and protection in your person and property by failing to enforce criminal laws against offenders and by prioritizing the protection of criminals from the lawful consequences of their misconduct.”…

Death penalty off table in double murder case against wishes of family

“We absolutely, 100% were adamant that we were for the death penalty. And with a heavy heart, we met with David Leavitt this morning prior to the announcement where he told us that based on his own decision that he’s removing the death penalty off the table and it’s his own personal belief,” she said….

“Randall recommended Bryant be charged with four counts of sex offender violations for being in a protected area, which is a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a $2,500 fine. The Utah County Attorney’s Office gave Bryant another plea deal, the four misdemeanor counts were reduced to one. The terms of the plea agreement show that the “Prosecution will take no position at sentencing.” 

Utah County police group issues ‘no confidence’ declaration for county’s top prosecutor

“Utah County law enforcement has no confidence in Utah County Attorney David Leavitt’s ability and fitness to perform his duties as the county’s leading prosecuting attorney,”…

Sheriff endorses challenger Gray in Utah County Attorney race

Smith strongly voiced his disapproval of Leavitt in his opening statement of the endorsement letter.

“For the security, safety, and well-being of Utah County citizens, for the safety of our children, we MUST NOT re-elect David Leavitt,” Smith wrote..”

Mother wants DUI charges for driver accused of killing 3-year-old boys

“I am upset and frustrated there are not DUI charges,” said Theresa Ratliff, the mother of Odin, “you know, destruction of property.”

After learning of manslaughter charges only, which each carry 1 to 15 years in prison, Ratliff felt anger.

“It’s the first time since my son’s death that I had been angry,” she said. “There are so many other factors that I feel are just being brushed under the rug.“…

Disappointed in attorney over driver’s charges

“…I proudly served as a Law Enforcement Officer for 34 years, in that time I trained and worked with officers from all over the world, we have some of the best officers in the country and the world in Utah County. They will keep us safe but they need  a County Attorney that will help and not hinder their efforts.”

Progressive (Liberal)

Lawmakers side with police, pass bill targeting Utah County Attorney’s progressive policies

For months, police officers and former prosecutors have been increasingly outspoken in their criticism of Utah County Attorney David Leavitt, accusing him of being soft on crime and making the county more dangerous…

Utah County’s David Leavitt faces same national pushback as other ‘progressive prosecutors’

Leavitt is one of many so-called progressive prosecutors that have been elected around the country over the past five years. He’s also one of many who now face backlash for being “soft on crime,”…

Adam Pomeroy Suspends Campaign for Utah County Attorney and Supports Jeff Gray for County Attorney

“Four years ago, Mr. Leavitt vowed to radically reform the criminal justice system or fail trying. And he did fail. There is widespread agreement that his policies have harmed victims, alienated law enforcement, and failed to hold offenders accountable.

“He is not only a progressive prosecutor, but a rogue prosecutor who has damaged our criminal justice system by placing his personal preferences above the rule of law.”

“I’m no progressive,” says Utah County Attorney David Leavitt

“But when I look at some of the things that this prosecutor in San Francisco was weighing in on. For example, ending the use of cash bail, stopping the prosecution of minors as adults, lowering jail population. Those are some of the same lines that are being given by him (Leavitt), and he’s a progressive prosecutor.”…